Short-N-Sweet-N-Succulent Stories

by Dale Stubbart

Tired of the same old stories?
Dale Stubbart has a very different writing style.
Short: Condensed, yet full stories. It’s been said I can write a novel in one page. Easy Reading.
Sweet: Many are Love Stories. Language used is suitable for all ages.
Succulent: Humorous. Insightful.
You’ll feel like you’re right there in the story.

Dale Stubbart
Good Clean Fun!

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The Dancer Series

Sometimes she felt like she was living on a yo-yo. Flown towards the ground, then hovering there – a few inches away from the ground – before being spun back the other way and flown towards the sky, hovering there and then flown back towards the ground. From one extreme to the other – that was her life.

The Artist is included at the end of The Dancer II
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Every time they asked, his answer was always the same – “An Artist.”
Well, it wasn’t always the same. First, it was “An Artist!!!”, Then it was “An Artist!”, Finally, it was just “An Artist”. No explanation point, no period, no nothing. He still wanted to be an Artist, but now he answered “The President” or “An actor” or “An engineer” or sometimes “A bum” just to get their attention. But in his heart, he always answered “An Artist”.

Love Story
Parallel Universes
5 Stories In Series

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The Wizard Without a Wand Series

Shmedley Thrumbledack is off to Wizard School. He&';s already past the fourth years in Wizard Math. Due to that and to his parents being such powerful Wizards, he has won a full scholarship. Well, it&';s almost a full scholarship. It doesn't pay for his transportation to Wizard School. And it doesn&';t pay for his books. By the time his parents have finished paying for those things, there&';s no money left for a Wand. It was always a mystery to Shmedley, or as he liked to say, a think-a-ma-what-um, how his parents could be such powerful Wizards and yet have so little money. They had tried to explain it to him a kajillion times. But he couldn&';t understand it.

Wizard School
10 Stories in Series
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Pavlik-Pavlik: The SubBohemian

Once, there was a really, really old toad. In fact this toad was so old that it thought that this might be his last meal. After he ate this meal he might die. So he ate a very nice meal. But then he didn&';t die. So, he decided to snag one more tasty morsel, which was waiting for him atop a nearby blade of grass. Slurp! That was delicious. He would just hold that morsel in his mouth and savor it overnight. In the morning he would finish it off with one fell chomp. It wasn&';t a very big morsel, but it sure was tasty.
However, that tasty morsel, just happened to be our Superhero Pavlik-Pavlik: The SubBohemian. Pavlik-Pavlik was trapped in this toad&';s tongue. But since he was a Superhero, he was able to escape. While the Toad slept, Pavlik-Pavlik unrolled its tongue, until he could leap off the end with a bit of panache.

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Satoru&';s Boukenshousetsu

Satoru is an author who is trying to write his adventure story. At the same time, he is trying to keep his girlfriend Julie from finding out that weird things happen to him, like splotchers appearing on his face and burns on his tongue. These things don&';t hurt very badly, and they always disappear fairly quickly. He also doesn&';t want her to find out that he&';s an author. In the meantime, his genius friend David is working on a formula, one that will allow Satoru to quit experiencing these things.

Parallel Worlds
Japanese words
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